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Jul 1 04 12:05 AM

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This is request from Kannadigas of Karnataka and all over the world. Kannada should be used in all Departments of GoK. Is this happenning ? Is Development work of Kannada software heading in the right direction? This is a request fro all of you to look into. Here are some of the information provided for your file. PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS.

All GoK Departemnts should be using the same software and networking systems.

eGovernance of GoK needs to look into the Development of Kannada software. This is not going properly. Even though Bangalore being IT Capital.

Has eGovernance checked why Kannada Developers are not coming forward with new products?

NUDI Kannada software is the property of GoK. Since it was funded by GoK.

GoK sponsored Nudi software must be made Open Source software (OSS). NUDI should be made UNICODE compatible in all avenues. Not in one item as it is now. GoK need to do this immedately without wasting any time.

WHY eGovernance has not recomended NUDI software to be Open Source software (OSS) ? This helps all Kannadigas to develop further the Kannada software, SO THAT GoK can have better programs for a smooth networking of all Departments of GoK.

DOES eGovernance know problems with NUDI software? Some of them are listed here for the benefit of GoK.

a. NUDI breaks the GOI standard when arkavattu is involved. NUDI has problem in Export to IISCII.

b. Nudi just has a Unicode compatible keyboard driver which works only on Windows XP (and on Windows 2000, if there is a Kannada Opentype font present)
Nudi's editor has a feature "Save As Unicode". But the file saved as Unicode can not be opend again by Nudi. In other words, Nudi's editor can not edit a Unicode document.

c. Nudi does not provide opentype font which is required for rendering Kannada Unicode text.

d. There is no bi-lingual font standard for Kannada. Does eGovernance know this?

e. Nudi follows GoK standard in these areas-

monolingual truetye font glyph set
keyboard layout
save as HTML

Nudi's non-standard features are-

Nudi contains a bi-lingual truetype font which is not as per any standard
Nudi's Save As ISCII breaks the Govt of India standard when arkavattu is involved.
Nudi uses a scheme called Kannada Script Code for Language Processing (KSCLP) for sorting, which is not as per any standard. But the fact is that this KSCLP is a good solution for Kannada Sorting. This should be in the Public Domain.

f. Nudi has just a keyboard driver for Unicode which works only on Windows XP and 2003. Windows XP and 2003 have built-in support for Unicode making the Unicode feature of Nudi redundant. Nudi does not provide opentype font which is required for rendering Kannada Unicode text. Nudi's software Development Kit (SDK) does not support Unicode.
Egample: Type some text in Kannada using Nudi 4. Save it as Unicode. Then open the same file again in Nudi 4. It shows it as junk. Nudi cannot display a Kannada Unicode text file created by XP or Linux. That means Nudi's Unicode support is of no use.

g. There is a difference between Freeware and delicious software. Nudi is a Freeware but not a delicious software. As per GNU, delicious software is the one where the source code is also available in public domain. Nudi's source code is not available in public domain. It is not an opensource software. Only binary (executable) of Nudi is delicious. If you are a software expert, found some bugs in Nudi (there are many) and want to correct them, then you can not do so.

NUDI is not in conformity with the G.O for the following:

1. Nudi developed using non-standard proprietory encoding which is not a standard.
2. Nudi uses the modified ISCII standard (ISCII is a national standard).
3. Nudi does not provide any conversion utility to convert the data created using the other existing Kannada software.
4. Nudi does not provide conversion utility to convert between the data created in the standard glyphs and the ISCII.

Kannada Linux enthusiasts and developers are requesting for the source code of Nudi from
last three years. They are needing the source code of Nudi for implementing the keyboard
driver and the sorting algorithm. This helps Kannada software to be developed in a different

Kannadigas are complaining that fonts issued along with Nudi are not of professional quality, there is not support mechanism for Nudi, Nudi has many bugs, etc.

Kannadigas and Developers feel IF Nudi is made OSS, passionate developers can fix the bugs in Nudi.

From reading all the information provided, one can come to conclusion that;

All the above has done damage to Kannada software development.

We all need to promote more Kannada software developers to come forward for the benefit of GoK and make it more open. THIS HELPS GoK also.

Literally, there can be a Kannada version for every software in English. All of you please think why there are many software in English and why not in Kannada or any Indian Language. It is the business (need or anticipated need) which drives the development. How one can expect the development, WHEN KANNADA software development is monopolised?

If any of you has any questions on this, Please write to me. ATLEAST some of you must look into these problems that are created here and try to correect it.

What matters most is how you see Yourself

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#1 [url]

Jul 4 04 5:56 PM

Forwarded Message:
Subj: clarifications
Date: 6/21/2004 12:27:59 AM Pacific Daylight Time
To: , ,
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Dear Halemane
After our meeting at Mysore, sensing our dissatisfaction about the
clarification's given to us by Ganaka Parishat, Secretary sri
Narasimhamurty and member sri Panditaradhya came to mudigere to give
some more clarifications on all the subjects discussed at Mysore.
They gave some clarifications about the funds they have received
from GOK and on the projects they have utilized these funds. As you
Know, the purpose of our meeting at Mysore was to discus the future of
Kannada software development and not about the financial activities of
KGP. I do not know why and how they got this impression! we have not
written a single word about the financial aspects in the Mysore meeting
Agenda . I told them that I am not competent to go into these matters
and our interest is only limited to the future development of Kannada
1. My first complaint against KGP is, they are preventing the collective
participation in the development of Kannada software. In fact many good
software developers who were in KGP were sent out on some flimsy
grounds. On the other hand Sri Srinathasastri and Narasimhamurty are not
technically qualified s/w people, but still they are representing GOK at
Delhi IT meetings and giving technical opinion! This did not look proper
to me.
If they had entered the open market facing the competition of other
software vendors it would have helped them a lot. Instead, they
approached the government fron the backdoor and try to push their
commodity with the help of government orders. This deprived them of the
market feedback which is a very important component for the development
of any product. This is the root cause for the present crisis.
The only way now is to make nudi an open source code. we have to
reinvite all the developers who have left the stage in despair, and
request them to develop this software on the lines of Linux Open Source
At the discussions Sri Narasimhamurty finally agreed for this
suggestion and would join us to place this request with GOK.

2. My second complaint was about the nudi Keyboard layout.They have
adopted a layout other than typewriter keyboard layout. This has
resulted in rendering all our typist who were trained at out typing
institutes useless. SRG and some other s/w developers have retained the
typewriter layout and at the same time provided phonetic typing for
other users.
I pointed out this to Sri Narasimhamurty and explained how it is
linked with the bread earning of thousands of typists. Sri
Narasimhamurty said Parishat will be able to solve this problem by
providing option to create custom Keyboard layout. I do not know whether
we can achieve this without making fundamental changes in nudi software.

3. My third complaint was Parishats hard-line attitude towards
translation of commands in usre interface. They are replacing all
english words with far more alien Sanskrit terminology's. I have heard
these hard-liners themself use english terms only when conversing with
others. But they prescribe and are forcing others to use Sanskrit terms.
They are using this as a platform to express their Kannada love are
Kannadabhimana. Words like 'Cut,' paste, 'save,' 'file' have already in
use in our language as Kannada words and placing them in Kannada
characters is enough. Even our renowned Lexicographer and Critic Prof.
G. Venkata Subbaiah has agreed for this suggestion.
I tried very hard to convince them but they refused to listen to my
reasoning. Their attitude looks like new incarnation of untuchablity and
castsystems of our society. I demand a more extensive debate over this
They had brought their many other works such as 'Pampa Bharata'
'Kannada Visva Kosha' and other things on cd. They are really Important
contributions in the cultural context of Karnataka. They must be
appreciated and encouraged. But these things have nothing to do with
Kannada s/w development and must be undertaken on some other platforms
such as Kannada and culture Ministry and not with IT..
We could have discussed all these matters at the Mysore meeting
without any hesitation. There is nothing private or personal in these
delibarations and they are almost extenssions of our Mysore meeting. I
am sending this for your information.
With regards
K.P.Purnachandra Tejasvi

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#2 [url]

Jul 5 04 9:37 PM

Excellent Mr. Ellakannada,

You have shown to kannadigas the entire true picture of the controversy. Kannadigas should now read this, understand this and question the people who are responsible for this state of affairs with kannada software Development.

What matters most is how you see Yourself

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